Episode 5 Season 3

Sustainable Elegance: Building an Eco-Conscious Culture

with Raul Leal · January 3, 2024


Sustainable Elegance: Building an Eco-Conscious Culture | Raul Leal, SH Hotels & Resorts

January 3, 2024

Raul Leal, CEO, SH Hotels & Resorts

Join Bert as he welcomes Raul back to the show.

In a world where conscious living and sustainability are no longer mere buzzwords but a way of life, Raul Leal, the visionary CEO of SH Hotels & Resorts, stands at the forefront of a remarkable journey that weaves together the tapestry of sustainability and experiential luxury in the hospitality industry. They delve deep into this captivating vision, where sustainability isn’t just a checkbox but a culture, and luxury is redefined. 

Crafting Unique and Intimate Experiences

In the ever-evolving landscape of hospitality, consumers yearn for more than just a place to rest their heads. They crave unique and intimate experiences, and here’s where lifestyle brands like 1 Hotels step in. Raul and his team understand that hospitality is no longer about a transaction; it’s about creating a sense of belonging and community. Their properties offer a rich tapestry of activities, culinary experiences, and wellness programs, ensuring guests have an experience rather than a stay. 

Ambitious Expansion Plans with Sustainability at the Helm

SH Hotels & Resorts is not content with the status quo. Their ambitious expansion plans speak volumes about their commitment to sustainability and experiential luxury. Currently boasting eleven 1 Hotels worldwide, they have set their sights on a grand vision – surpassing thirty 1 Hotels globally by 2027-2028. Moreover, Treehouse, with its youthful appeal and strong focus on sustainability, is poised for exponential growth. The ultra-luxury Baccarat brand, known for its exclusivity, is set to grace prestigious destinations worldwide, promising curated experiences that redefine luxury. 

Preserving Culture

Rapid growth brings its own set of challenges, and SH Hotels & Resorts navigates these waters with finesse. Raul Leal emphasizes the importance of man power planning and establishing a strong, local presence to honor the unique cultures of the regions they enter. But what truly sets them apart is Raul’s hands-on approach and frequent property visits, ensuring that the brand’s mission and culture are not just words on paper but a way of life. 

Data-Driven Personalization and the Changing Face of Luxury

AI and technology enhancements in marketing emerge as a game-changer in SH Hotels & Resorts’ strategy. They aim to provide personalized experiences that anticipate guest preferences, a testament to their dedication to genuine value. Raul Leal sheds light on the evolving landscape of luxury, where guests are willing to pay a premium for experiences that resonate on a personal level. 

A Mission for Sustainability and Doing Good

The heart and soul of SH Hotels & Resorts’ story revolves around sustainability. Their mission is to become the most beautiful and sustainable brand in the hotel industry, a mission that resonates not only through their eco-friendly practices but also through their commitment to doing good for teammates, communities, and investment partners. Their actions align seamlessly with their mission, creating a harmonious ecosystem. 


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