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Fostering Psychological Safety for Innovation

with Stacie Reun · November 6, 2023


Fostering Psychological Safety for Innovation | Stacie Ruen, GM

November 6, 2023

Stacie Ruen, Global People Development & New Hire Experience, GM 

In this episode of Beyond the Bottom Line with Bert Miller, Bert is joined by Stacie Ruen, Global People Development & New Hire Experience at General Motors.

In the dynamic world of corporate leadership and organizational culture, Stacie stands out as a beacon of innovation and progress. During this insightful conversation, Stacie shed light on the transformative power of upskilling and the significance of fostering a culture of innovation within large corporations. 

Shaping a Holistic Onboarding Experience 

Stacie’s dedication to creating a holistic onboarding experience for new team members is a testament to her commitment to aligning team members with the company’s core values. She and her team encourage team members not only to embrace these values at work but to live them in their daily lives. 

The Power of Consistent Communication and Messaging 

GM has about 3,000 individuals serving as culture ambassadors across the entire organization and they advocate for the brand culture. Consistent communication and messaging through each ambassador ensures every team member feels a part of the bigger picture. 

Stacie and Bert also discuss the emphasis on continuous learning and upskilling, especially in the context of integrating AI and its transformative impact on learning and development programs. 

Despite the challenges of embracing AI and technology within a traditional automotive giant like General Motors, Stacie speaks about the efforts to upskill and create a future-ready workforce in the face of technological advancements. She anticipates the creation of millions of net-positive job roles. 

Fostering Psychological Safety to Drive Innovation 

However, it’s Stacie’s insights on fostering psychological safety within the organization that truly resonate. She points out that psychological safety is the cornerstone upon which a culture of innovation is built. When employees feel safe to express their ideas and concerns openly, it paves the way for increased creativity and inclusivity. Trust within teams emerges as another critical aspect of Stacie’s leadership philosophy. She underscores the role trust plays in promoting innovation. In an environment where team members can be candid and curious without fear of judgment, innovation flourishes naturally. 

Impact on Customer Satisfaction, Brand Loyalty, and Performance 

The discussion culminates in a reflection on the profound impact of General Motors’ culture and employee development initiatives. Stacie emphasizes that a positive employee experience, from the moment of onboarding to offboarding, directly influences customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. It’s a powerful testament to the far-reaching consequences of fostering a culture of innovation and continuous learning. 

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