· November 9, 2023


Nudelberg Daily Huddle | Huddler In The Hot Seat 

November 9, 2023

Navigating the Path to Success: Insights from Entrepreneur and Disruptor

In the realm of business, people are an invaluable resource. Bert Miller sits down with the hosts of the Nudelberg Daily Huddle to discuss his perspective on the path to success.

Introduction and Career Overview

Bert Miller’s journey into the world of business started in the heartland of Indiana. Bert’s parents imparted their work ethic and strong values, which significantly informed his decision-making. Bert’s career is nothing short of impressive, encompassing a diverse array of roles that have contributed to his unique trajectory.

Bert started his professional journey at Gallup, where he cultivated a solid foundation in talent management and an understanding of the pivotal role of people in business growth. This experience served as the bedrock for his subsequent endeavors. Following his tenure at Gallup, Bert found himself at Revlon, where he honed his understanding of corporate America. 

His innate entrepreneurial spirit found full expression when he established Protis Global, a renowned executive search and recruitment firm for CPG brands. He recognized the paramount importance of attracting top talent as a driver of business success. Protis Global emerged from this visionary concept. Subsequently, Bert’s acquisition and successful exit from MRI Network further underscored his reputation as a disruptor in the recruitment industry. 

Importance of Talent to Business Growth

Bert Miller firmly believes that talent is the lifeblood of any business. He underscores the significance of having a clear North Star that can draw the right individuals to an organization. Bert draws inspiration from companies such as Coca-Cola, which possess a sturdy foundation and a distinct mission. Such entities have the capacity not only to attract but also to retain the most exceptional talent within their industry. 

One of the pivotal aspects Bert emphasizes is the importance of fair compensation for team members. Equally important is to provide adequate support and resources. In his experience, the cultivation and development of talent within a company can be a potent strategy for achieving sustainable growth. A thriving company culture that values its team members creates a positive cycle, where top talent propels business success and, reciprocally, strengthens the company’s culture and reputation.

The Impact of Social Media on Recruiting

The advent of social media has revolutionized the recruitment landscape. The hosts delve into the transformation of LinkedIn from a mere networking platform into a comprehensive recruiting tool and job posting service.

Bert explains that success in the era of social media recruiting hinges on the ability to deliver meaningful content. Amidst the volume of posts vying for the audience’s attention, one must stand out by providing content that genuinely resonates with them. In a noisy space, meaningful content serves as a guiding light, attracting candidates who resonate with the company’s culture and values.

Building Companies and Changing Lives

The distinction between self-recruitment and the engagement of a specialized firm like Protis Global is the personalized approach, underscored by the significance of understanding the unique needs and culture of each client. This approach transforms the recruitment process from a transactional interaction into a strategic partnership.

Protis Global’s North Star revolves around building companies and changing lives in an impactful way. He shares his experience of establishing thriving companies and effecting transformations in businesses. He speaks with a unmistakable sense of purpose and calling, mentioning his aspiration to effect meaningful change in businesses, synchronizing with the right individuals at the opportune moment.

Career Advice and Personal Scorecard

In the final segment of the interview, Bert Miller gives invaluable career counsel to professionals aspiring to scale the heights of success. He underscores the significance of self-awareness, networking, and surrounding oneself with individuals who provide candid feedback. According to Bert, these facets constitute the cornerstone of a successful career.

He also unveils his personal scorecard, a tool he employs to assess his life’s priorities. This scorecard encompasses dedicated quality time with family and the pursuit of his business objectives. It serves as a reminder that success in one realm of life should not come at the expense of another. Striking a balance and alignment between personal and professional objectives is pivotal for fulfillment.


In this engaging interview with Bert Miller, he delves into the realms of entrepreneurship, talent management, and the dynamic influence of social media in the realm of recruitment.

Bert’s emphasis on the pivotal role of talent in business growth, his fervor for creating companies and transforming lives, and his invaluable career counsel serve as enduring reminders that success is a journey. It is not solely about reaching a destination but also about the impact we create along the way.

Ultimately, Bert’s journey serves as a reminder that with the right mindset and the right companions by our side, remarkable success is within our grasp.

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