Episode 4 Season 2

Changing the Sports Landscape

with Dan Arment · October 17, 2023


Dan Arment | President and CEO Riddell Inc. at BRG Sports

October 17, 2023

Dan Arment | President and CEO Riddell Inc. at BRG Sports

Dan Arment was appointed to president and Chief Executive Officer of Riddell and BRG Sports in June 2016.

Dan joined BRG Sports in 2001 and has held a number of leadership roles at both the brand and corporate levels. Most recently, he served as Executive Vice President of BRG Sports, a member of the BRG Sports Board of Directors, President of Riddell, and President of Bell Cycling Products. As a BRG Sports Executive, he played a key role in several transactions including the divesture of the Action Sports business and Kollege Town Sports.

Promoted to President of Riddell in June 2008, Dan guided Riddell to unprecedented financial growth and market share totals. Under his leadership, Riddell changed the landscape of football and player protection through game-changing technologies that include innovative head impact monitoring, personalized head protection using 3D scanning technology, and a path to the next-generation helmet.

He continues to be responsible for expanding the brand’s footprint in the sporting goods industry through increased e-commerce capabilities, a strong institutional sales model, maximizing key partnerships, and strategic acquisitions.

Dan is also an influential ambassador for the industry, serving as chairman of the Sports and Fitness Industry Association (SFIA) Board of Directors. In his role, Dan collaborates with leaders in sporting goods manufacturing to guide industry growth and direction, while navigating challenges faced by these organizations.

Dan began his career with the company as Vice President of Sales for the Mass Cycle Division at Bell Sports and was quickly elevated in the organization to General Manager. He built a robust business model for the bike brand despite stiff market competition and developed strong relationships with key customers.

Before joining the BRG Sports family, he served as the Vice President of National Sales for the Speedo Division of the Authentic Fitness Corporation and served in broad sales and consumer marketing roles with such well-known brands as Playtex, Mennen, and Revlon.