Episode 1 Season 3

Cultivating a Culture of Resilience and Innovation

with Lisa Chang · October 25, 2023


Cultivating a Culture of Resilience and Innovation | Lisa Chang, Coca-Cola

October 25, 2023

Lisa Chang, SVP & Global Chief People Officer, Coca-Cola

Join Bert Miller in the first episode of Season 3 as he welcomes Lisa Chang, the SVP & Global Chief People Officer of The Coca-Cola Beverage Company.

In this illuminating discussion, discover how Coca-Cola earned the prestigious 2023 Hunt Scanlon Culture of Excellence Award and how they’ve steadfastly maintained their unique culture, even during challenging times. 

Lisa emphasizes the critical role of leadership commitment in nurturing a thriving organizational culture, especially in times of crisis. The Coca-Cola team successfully navigated major organizational changes by championing clear communication and transparency and creating a psychologically safe environment that encourages experimentation. 

Resilience Redefined – Learning from New Coke 

Bert and Lisa delve into Coca-Cola’s unique concept of resilient leadership. Coca-Cola’s approach centers on learning from mistakes, overcoming obstacles, fostering a growth mindset, and prioritizing iterative progress over perfection. 

Lisa reveals the invaluable lessons drawn from the New Coke incident and how this episode sparked a transformation in their approach to innovation. They’ve cultivated an environment that not only encourages experimentation but also embraces failure as an invaluable learning experience—without the looming shadow of penalties. This is not just preparing their team for the future but leading the way. By encouraging their team to embrace and experiment with AI technologies, the fear of new technology is removed and allows for an innovative culture. 

AI and Team Empowerment 

From Coca-Cola’s commitment to upskilling and empowering their team in the era of AI and technology to encouraging their workforce to embrace and experiment with AI technologies, Lisa and Bert discuss Coca-Cola’s adaptability, commitment to innovation, and unwavering sense of purpose, all of which have played pivotal roles in their ongoing success within an ever-evolving business landscape. 

Aligning Values and Purpose 

Coca-Cola is a true testament to how a brand can align operations with its values and purpose, positively impacting communities and the planet. Lisa and the Coca-Cola leadership team’s dedication to their core values and purpose—to refresh the world and make a difference are carried through their operations, leaving a positive footprint on communities and the planet. 

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