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Bert Miller welcomes Lisa Chang, the Global Chief People Officer of the Coca-Cola Beverage Company. They discuss the company's recent recognition with the 2023 Hunt Scanlon Culture of Excellence Award and how they've focused on maintaining their culture during challenging times. Lisa highlights the importance of leadership commitment to culture as a guiding light for organizations, especially during crises.
John spent 23 years with Kraft Foods in a progression of leadership roles within Logistics, Customer Service and Supply Chain Operations in both the US and Canada before joining Mark Anthony as Vice President of Logistics and Demand Management in January of 2012.
Bert Miller Speaks with Christopher Voss
Find out what it takes to win high-stakes negotiations and uncover tactics to help you get more of what you want in business and your career.
Dan joined BRG Sports in 2001 and has held a number of leadership roles at both the brand and corporate level. Most recently, he served as executive vice president of BRG Sports, member of the BRG Sports Board of Directors, president of Riddell, and president of Bell Cycling Products. As a BRG Sports executive, he played a key role in several transactions including the divesture of the Action Sports business and Kollege Town Sports.
From dreams of becoming a rockstar to being voted one of the Top CEOs from Comparatively & Best Places to Work for Women, Ellis Singer McCue, CEO of Territory Foods, joins Bert for Season 2 Episode 3 of Beyond the Bottom Line with Bert Miller.Why wasn’t there an Airbnb for sponsorship? Well, now there is,

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