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Bert Miller Speaks with Christopher Voss
You don’t want to miss this in-depth discussion with the author of “Never Split the Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It.” We get deep into negotiation, but we also learn about Chris Voss himself— as he shares his Midwest upbringing, his journey through law enforcement and high-stakes negotiations, and his most recent transition into the entrepreneurial realm as CEO of The Black Swan Group.
In a recent article for, Bert Miller asserts that our current employment system is flawed, and he proposes three fixes to pull our economy out of its current situation and get people back into jobs:  Stop treating all industries the same when it comes to stimulus spending; base employment policy on the present, not […]
Sean Koffel speaks with Bert Miller
In the second of a two-part series, Sean and Bert dissect how Gen Z's focus on authenticity is changing the game for consumer-facing brands and what unique opportunities the pandemic has presented.
Leaders of the future will also take on the role of thought leaders and influencers In a recent article for and HRD, Bert Miller discusses how leadership needs to adapt to the demands of advancing technology in order to maintain competitiveness and to develop their teams. He notes that a hierarchical structure may no […]
Sean Koffel
Tune in to part one of this two-episode feature to hear adult beverage leader Sean Koffel's predictions and advice on designing true omni-channel businesses and tapping into the next iteration of "cool."

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