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In this article, Bert discusses the COVID-19 pandemic’s part in accelerating remote work. With over 80 percent of company leaders allowing remote work after the pandemic, another workforce trend increased – emotional quotient (EQ). Before 2020, research indicated that 60 percent of businesses saw EQ as a vital skill for their employees. Still, one […]
The Fourth Industrial Revolution is transforming work with AI, robotics, and other technologies, requiring agile leadership. Technology naturally eliminates jobs while creating new ones. Leaders need to focus on bridging the productivity-technology gap to lead teams to success in a technology-driven world. Bert recommends that leaders manage the transition by focusing on upskilling their team […]
The importance of effective leadership and a strong company culture is now more crucial than ever. In an interview with Phil La Duke of Authority Magazine, Bert speaks on how the pandemic has significantly shifted the balance of power from companies to individuals, resulting in what is now known as the “Great Resignation” and a […]
In this op-ed, Bert explores the benefits and challenges of having a multi-generational workforce and strategies to create a united, purpose-driven team.  True collaboration and cross-pollination thrive when individuals are in close proximity, as genuine friendship and connection cannot be forced. By embracing a purpose-driven approach, companies can break down silos and unite different groups […]
In this episode of the NSLS’s Motivational Minutes, Bert spoke with Corey Andrew Powell about the importance of an organization’s agility in order to move quickly to meet changing market needs. Sometimes in business, leaders need to accelerate plans and move team members across functions. The willingness of team members to try something new to […]

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