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Authority Magazine recently spoke with Bert about why he first got into talent access, how he’s leading through a digital transition, strategies to find and retain great talent, and more.  The interview is part of their HR Strategy Series, which explores what hiring managers are looking for, how to retain great people, and other business […]
WeddingWire asked a range of experts spanning relationship psychology to the Work of Work for their perspectives on how to support a loved one through a layoff. Among those featured was Bert Miller, President and CEO of MRINetwork, who brought 25 years of experience supporting job seekers and leading his own companies to the sensitive […]
The remote working trend, which gained steam in response to the COVID-19 pandemic this year, is undoubtedly here to stay. But what else should business leaders be anticipating as we leave 2020 behind us? Remote work isn’t the only notable change to our workforce inspired by this year’s social distancing mandates, travel restrictions, and stay-at-home […]
In a recent feature, HR Daily Advisor dove deeper into the remote work productivity question. We reached out to industry experts, managers, and HR professionals to get their opinions on how productivity has really changed since the broad shift to remote work. Among them was MRINetwork President and CEO, Bert Miller.  “The success of remote […]
In response to California’s controversial AB-5 legislation, Bert penned his first piece for the Forbes Coaches’ Council on why the current independent contractor model is broken — and how to fix it. Find his full perspective and recommended next steps on Forbes.

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